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Minnesota Wild beat Toronto Maple Leafs, rip open gate to bandwagon [VIDEO]

But let’s pile on. The Minnesota Wild have a winning record, a friendly local kid made good as their leading goal scorer, and a history of making the playoffs. Friends, they’ve won playoff series. If you’re sick of the Minnesota Twins/Vikings/Timberwolves letting you down, let us suggest a team whose success to which you should tie your emotions: the Minnesota Lynx.

But! If we could suggest a second local squad, we’d say these Wild are frequently fun and resilient, and are, at their season’s exact midpoint, all of three points back from the eight seed in the Stanley Cup playoffs. Did you know Minnesota’s played fewer games than the teams immediately ahead of it in the standings? Did you know with a couple wins like the one against second-in-the-East-and-talented Toronto last night, they’d leapfrog those teams and be sitting pretty?

Did you know the deeply humble Bruce Boudreau’s mom believes in her son, and stuck around to see last night’s comeback even after a brutal first few minutes?

You do now.

Let us get on board for a Minnesota Wild bandwagon. This city — well, these “cities” — need a winner. The Vikings aren’t playing anymore, the Minnesota Timberwolves remain to be seen, Minnesota United’s still finding its way around the new locker room, the Lynx have the weekend off…

…point is: Line forms to the left, if you want to get in on the concept the Wild might be your best bet for sporting joy this year, 2019, when hustle on defense is encouraged and comebacks like last night’s are, supposedly, all the rage.

Go Wild.

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